Ace Angels International Body Painting

North Americas Premier Alliance of Top Body Painters & Models

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Welcome to Ace Angels International Body Painting

  Ace Angels is an Alliance of  Award Winning Artists & Models. Our experience is Marketing Promotions & Exposure with a Strong portfolio of World Brands.

Trade Show's. Film,Television & Radio. Gala's & Premier Openings, Magazines & Print Ad Media

Music Festivals & Videos....We've Got you Covered.


    Ace Angels is an alliance of professional Award Winning Artists & Models dedicated to Body Painting using the human form as a living  4D creative work of art.

   Starting in 2000 we quickly gained exposure as the nationís Top  promotions & events personnel team.   A variety of entertainment professionals  have since joined forces with us. 

  A nation of clients, media & members of the general population  have all agreed that in a controlled setting, Body Art is socially acceptable and here to stay!

   Our team is comprised of: educated models, actresses, actors & entrepreneur entertainers.  Models & artists have their own lifeís direction but come together with a code of ethics to promote the Art of Body Painting.  Most of Ace Angels are from the film & make-up industry with extensive experience in face & body painting using airbrush or brush & sponge. 

   Our high level of professionalism attracts clientele from all walks of life. Our trusted environment allows members of the public to come into our world and be transformed into works of art.  Ace Angels artists create a visual experience that will last a lifetime.

   Ace Angels excels at promoting & marketing with the complete package of models, photographers & artist as an attraction to your event of function. 

   We offer face & body painting services to: private/group parties, sport/special events, birthday parties, bachelor parties, festivals, tradeshows, clubs, grand openings, premiers in film / television, entertainment venues & classes from our artists.


  Our clients life changing & liberating testimonials have become priceless to us and we are truly grateful.      ~Michael